Chesapeake Photos

Chesapeake Bay Bridge (SB)

Chesapeake City, C&D Canal (SB)

Fells Point, Baltimore (VB)

USS Constellation, Baltimore Harbor (HSB)

USNA Yawls, Racing (USNA)

US Naval Academy Chapel (USNA)

Thomas Point Light (SB)

Bloody Point Lighthouse (SB)

Rock Hall, MD (SB)

Cove Point Light, Patuxent River, MD (SB)

Skipjack, Chestertown (SB)

Skipjack, Chestertown (SB)

The Admiral (SB)

Francis Scott Key Buoy, Patapsco River (SB)

Tilghman Creek, MD (SB)

Flight Deck Crew (Oxford Cardboard Boat Race) (SB)

Drum Point Light, Solomos Island, MD (SB)

Tangier Island, VA (SB)

Crab Shacks, Tangier (SB)


Port Isobel, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Tangier Island (SB)


Kayaking Through Tangier (KD)


Mainboat Harbor, Tangier Island (SB)


Brooke Newton, CBF Biologist, Port Isobel (SB)

Local transport, Tangier Island (SB)

Norfolk Naval Base, USMC picket boats (SB)

ICW Mile Marker Zero, Elizabeth River, Norfolk (SB)

Waiting for the Bridges to Open, Elizabeth River, Norfolk (SB)

The Elizabeth River Gaunlet (SB)

Osprey (SB)

Beautiful Swimmer (Blue Crab) (SB)

Local Fauna (SB)

Green Heron (SB)

Coopers Hawk (SB)

Great Blue (SB)

One response to “Chesapeake Photos

  1. Love the site. Great pictures and copy for fans of the Chesapeake ! My vote for best pic: Tangiers Island; favorite story: Chesapeake sailor earning stripes in the MAC race. Keep up the good work!

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