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National Geographic Traveler “Best of the World” for 2016

Tangier and Smith Islands—This entry explains why Tangier and Smith Islands in the Chesapeake Bay are “must-see places.” The hard-copy magazine format is online here; the web version with lots of tips and links is online here.

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The Hot Zone: Chesapeake Bay Target Ship

The Hannibal is the U.S. Navy’s only live-fire target ship in the Chesapeake Bay, scuttled on a sandbar near Smith Island, MD. It’s routinely shot up by helicopters and jets out of the Patuxent River Naval Air Station.

Details appear in the May 2008 issue of Soundings. 

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Smith Island: A Multi-Layered Layercake

Ewell, Smith Island, MD (SB)

At the very southern edge of Maryland’s waters in the Chesapeake Bay is Smith Island — one of only two inhabited watermen-community islands left on the bay (Tangier Island, VA, just to the south, is the other). As crabbing and fishing decline, the remaining residents of Smith Island are fighting for economic survival.

This article in SailingBeat describes the importance of Smith Island Layercakes to an historic  and threatened community.

Chesapeake Bay Military Security Zones

May 2006 Soundings

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, security got a whole lot tighter around the many military bases and facilities on the Chesapeake Bay. Boaters are required to keep at least 500 yards away from U.S. Navy ships and other strategic facilities, and in some particularly tight quarters — notably the Norfolk Naval Base in the Elizabeth River — that has led to tense and potentially deadly confrontations.

Since most recreational boaters appear to have no clue what their obligations are on the water, this article in the May 2006 issue of Soundings was written to clarify the rules: Who’s supposed to do what.